About Hoka-En

Hoka-En Bonsai Studio is a unit of Lodder Bonsai bv and is for individual hobbyists. It is located in the same building as Lodder Bonsai and exhibitions are held here throughout the year.

Hoka-En Bonsai Studio was established in the middle of the eighties by Hotsumi Terakawa, the japanese bonsai master and Hanako Lodder. The idea was to make bonsai more known and popular to a larger public and also to service the bonsai hobbyist more professionally. Hoka-En is an established name in the world of bonsai both in the Netherlands and internationally. The studio is the most complete bonsai specialty stores in the Netherlands and we offer you a wide range of trees and products for your hobby. We believe that choosing a bonsai can be a

very personal experience and a visit to our nursery can be an inspiring experience. It is possible to come to the studio without an appointment as well as order products in the online store. Hoka-En Bonsai studio can guide you in finding what you are interested in.

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