A Bonsai grows and changes over time due to the seasons and the owner needs to prepared for this. It may also be that you would like to restyle your tree or even style a tree compelely. In these case you need the proper materials. For all this Hoka-en has a wide selection of materials such as bonsai tools, fertilizers, soils, etc.

Soils: Akadama, Kiryu, Kanuma, Keto, Fuji-sand, etc.
Fertilizers: Biogold, Green King, etc.
Wire: Aluminium and Copper in various thickness and package sizes
Scissors and Pliers: The complete reange in a number of different qualities.

Bonsai pots: de largest selection possible. Pots from Japan, China and individual potters.
Bonsai tables, lanterns, watering cans, vitamins, stones (suiseki), literature and lots more.

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